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Instant Learning

For your "Just in Time" requirements.

Customized JIT Learning Solutions

Metaverse Ready

Flexible and Cost Effective

7/24 Accessible and Reliable

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Sometimes the solution is right next to you. Especially simple solutions. With my valuable team and talented students, we continue to show how easy and cheap my digital transformation can be when we manage to change our perspective, and how it can save us from unnecessary costs and inefficient approaches.


We will continue to share our practices that will change the paradigm in many industries, from simple transformation approaches to Metaverse.

Dr. Ali Cem Başarır

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Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Customer Experience

With the Instant Learning®️ approach, the ability to access the necessary information when needed, its easy and simple access, have been integrated into all machinery and equipment within INOVATSO.


Now, our young people and entrepreneurs engaged in R&D and Innovation will be able to use rapid prototyping and design machines safely and securely without needing anyone's help.

Davut Çetin

President of ATSO 

Samples From Our Library


We are open to cooperation for the development and dissemination of this program, I believe that Instant Learning®️, which can be applied quickly and easily and will meet an important training need in every sector, will spread rapidly.


Prof. Dr. İsmail Yüksek

Rector of ABU

The timeless validity and effectiveness of dialogic learning models, perhaps the most, presents the systematic that will form the basis for accessing, categorizing and orchestrating digitized information today. We are on the eve of an exciting era and we follow your groundbreaking and mind-opening discussions!

Barış Şahin

Educator & Infopreneur

The Possibilities Are Endless

Early Adopters

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